Japan to screen for DWD — Driving While Demented

momiji car sticker

NPA to screen dementia-affected drivers
TOKYO —The National Police Agency decided Thursday to set up a committee of psychological experts to develop simple ways to detect drivers with impaired cognitive functions or who are suspected of having dementia, amid the rise in the number of serious traffic accidents involving senior drivers aged 65 and older, NPA officials said. …more..

As I was helpfully reminded, the title my previous report “Killer old farts cause 42.6% of Japanese traffic deaths” was wrong. In other words, the old farts are more a menace to themselves than society.
However, they do constitute an increasing worry to the National Police Agency (“NPA”) as evidenced by the news report above. In fact as shown below, Japan has several stickers that must be placed on cars warning of the driver’s inadequacies.

From left to right and top to bottom are the official warning stickers that must be put on cars in Japan:
わかばマーク wakaba mark for new car drivers for their first year behind the wheel
もみじマークmomiji mark autumn-colored leaf sticker for dangerous old fart drivers over the age of seventy-five
よっぱらいマー previously-covered-on-the-3Yen mark for handicapped
大麻マーク taima mark to warn of elderly hippies, hee, hee

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