Japanese Oh Legs

Over on fashion.3yen.com, Chidade wrote about Tokyo Street Style, a website run by the JFA – Japanese Fashion Association—Lots of fun fashion victims and quite a large showing of what is called in Japanese “O-leg“—pigeon-toed.

And there are “O-Leg Fixers” on the market such as the O-Leg Supporter 3,800 yen. Fun!

Why Japanese women walk this way is a great mystery. In the past, the low protein and low calcium diet was to blame for “tansoku” (tansoku means short-legs in japanese)
stubby legs as well as bad genes. Constant kneeing what feet folded and tucked under their butts must not help. Current theory is that Japanese think it’s cute to walk deformed.

Supposedly, NHK TV had a “science” show in this topic came up with the wild explanation that Western women have big butts so they walk with feet pointing out to draw said backside in. Japanese girls have no butts and walk with toes pointing in to push their backsides out. Yeah, ri-i-i-ight.

UPDATE: As rightly mentioned by one of readers, “Lola19″ :
There is no way to correct the O-legs without surgery. Check the www.ladisten.com/bow-legs that tells about it.

ALSO: Here’s an interesting, scientific newspaper article all about this…

(walking pigeon-toed)
JapanTimes.co.jp – Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006

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101 thoughts on “Japanese Oh Legs”

  1. urbanmbachu wrote:
    I’m really curious how you became so educated on the bow leg subject.

    It’s a hobby?

    (I am disabled and I am horrified to see Japanese girls intentionally walking pigeon toed to the point of stumbling each step, arrg.)

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