Sushi-less sushi popular at Japanese restaurants

Baked chicken curry sushi without mirin
Baked chicken curry sushi
“Halal’ sushi crops up as Japanese restaurants woo Muslims
“Curry sushi” and “Hainanese chicken rice sushi” are some of the exotic new hybrids of sushi that have emerged in Singapore, where Japanese food is hugely popular and some local companies have tinkered with the Japanese dish to tease local taste buds.
But an even bigger trend now is “halal sushi” as a rising number of Japanese restaurants adopt strict Islamic rules…
When it comes to Japanese foods, this inevitably requires the omission of mirin, a kind of rice wine that is a major condiment of Japanese cuisine, including sushi….…more…

Yikes! Sushi rice made without ‘mirin would be like serving orange juice made of beets.
Hmmm, wait a minute.. I suppose this is “justice” for farked foreign foods here in Japan such as the famous canned tuna and corn pizza.

But I suppose that mirin-less sushi is ok since a “halal sushi” restaurant also cannot serve beer and sake so there’s not much reason why anyone would to want to eat suchi without alcohol.

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