Screwing for Valentine’s Day in Japan

Screwing for Valentine's Day in Japan

….chocolate nuts and bolts as well as light bulbs and sockets… a screwing thread that truly for turning around and around which is the surprise…

I failed to mention the obvious in my previous story of Bitter love for Japanese Valentine’s: that is, Japanese women are required to give chocolates to men for Japanese Valentine’s Day—men don’t give anything.
Poor Japanese women age from 14 to 40 must give their bosses, male colleagues, boyfriends and teachers on February 14th as part of their social duty. That “obligation chocolate is called giri-choco which comes from the words giri (obligation) and choco,, the shortened Japanese word for chocolate.

Below is a picture of an employee of Frantz Kobe Sweets showing off the “keys to her heart,”. It’s a perfert example of the opposite of giri-choco called honmei-choco—the real thing chocolate (for love)

For more about chocolate and the Japanese customs, read the’s: Passionfruit KitKat for Valentine’s day.
Also read the Wikipedia explanation about “White Day” on March 14th when men give a few gifts to women (not as important as Feb 14).

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