Japanese women dump on Valentine’s chocolates

Japanese girls give chocolates to menAs I mentioned before in “Bitter Love,” Valentine’s Day in Japan is upsidedown—women have to give chocolates to men and men don’t have to give anything. My Tokyo nee’ northside Chicago colleague, Justin McCurry, covered this added twist to Japan’s Day of Love.

Office ladies bitter about keeping bosses sweet
TOKYO—…In a survey by iBridge, an internet content provider based in Osaka, 70% of female office workers in their 20s and 30s would be happy to see an end to the singularly Japanese custom of giving “giri choco” – literally, obligation chocolates – to their male superiors on Valentine’s Day.…more…

Like I said, basically Valentine’s Day is the shits.

shit soft extrusion
KATSULON manufactures extrusion molds and is the No.1 ranked company in soft extrusion molding in Japan. The company started producing chocolate extrusions immediately after the WWII. Output is approximately 250 tons/month…

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3 thoughts on “Japanese women dump on Valentine’s chocolates”

  1. I don’t know why so many Japanese women complain about giving chocolate. I can understand in must be a pain, but they usually get way more back (in value) on “White Day.”

  2. On White Day girls get “back more in value” from their boyfriends, but most chocolates given to bosses, teachers, coworkers are not reciprocate (and the girls really do not want any creepy reciprocation so chocolate money is considered an “expense” of keeping a job).

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