Japan’s Foreign Minister Aso complains he’s not understood

Taro Aso Asshole

Aso complains of his words not getting through
TOKYO—Foreign Minister Taro Aso complained Saturday that the “true intent” of his words is not being understood, in reference to criticism over various remarks he has made on sensitive issues concerning Japan’s relations with its Asian neighbors….
“Isn’t it time to speak openly and without hesitation about Japan’s values and thoughts as 60 years have passed (since the end of World War II)? But I’ve found it difficult to get what I want to say understood,” Aso said….more…

Japan’s top diplomat, Foreign Minister Taro Aso, should be glad he’s “misunderstood.”
Nearly every week Aso the Asshole says something undiplomatic such as Japan’s colonization of Taiwan was ‘good’ or Japan “one nation, one civilization, one language, one culture and one race.” The only problem is that the facts understand Aso. Colonization of Taiwan was just that, colonization. Japanese people are a mix of Mongolian/Chinese/Korean — not “unique”. As far as “one nation, one civilization, one language, one culture and one race” goes…. that sort reminds me of “Ein Reich, ein Volk, ein Führer” –One nation, one people, one leader.

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6 thoughts on “Japan’s Foreign Minister Aso complains he’s not understood”

  1. just add his new saying about the the europeans mistake in publishing muhammad’s cartoons and u do have the top japanese diplomat.
    ye- he sure knows to piss off everyone but those nice oil suplying muslims…

  2. Yep. Aso, the asshole is a laugh-a-minute.

    The Japan Times Feb 27
    Aso criticizes cartoons of prophet
    Foreign Minister Taro Aso criticized some European publications Monday for printing contentious cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, calling such action “shallow.”…

  3. You sound stupid in just about every one of your post dude.

    Japan is largely mono-cultural, mono-lingual, and mono-religious.
    harmony of soul and mind !

    If you need to debate me then come to Gaijinpot.com My name is Mcalpine you freak !!!!!

  4. Aso is not an asshole. He is a legitimate diplomatic figure who deserves to be respected.

  5. >>Debate me then come to Gaijinpot.com My name is Mcalpine you freak !!!!! << Thanks for reminding me Mcalpine–yep, “stupid” is my middle name. Opps, I’m not allowed to have a middle name—I’m Japanese.

  6. The Japanese learn about the Middle East on a recent TV news program.


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