Japanese “Green Cards” permanent-resident visas for sale!

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Sado Island seeks to woo foreign residents
…foreign immigrants who wish to live on the island in the Sea of Japan to more easily obtain permanent residency….
…The Niigata prefectural government will ask the central government to make Sado Island a special district where foreigners can receive permanent residence status with no job restrictions as long as applicants deposit a certain amount of money in Japanese banks...more…
Sado Island girls

Yikes! The hardest part of working in Japan is getting a damn work visa. I’ve lived in Japan for more than 20 years and I have yet to receive permanent residence visa (Japanese “Green Card”). However, now the Japanese island perfecture of Sado is just going to offer them for sale.
 Japanese island perfecture  of Sado
Long ago Sado Island was a place of exile. Nowadays Sado is MUCH nicer than the rest of Japan which resembles a concrete wasteland in bad science fiction movie. I’ve enjoyed many summer vacations in Sado—it’s great and there’s almost no concrete. As long as you don’t have to earn a living there…. it would be fine place for an artist or writer looking for some quiet. Sado Island is gaijin friendly place and holds a yearly outdoor festival concert , “Earth Celebration,” that is attended mostly by FGs…thousands of FGs in the town of Oji with only 7,000 people.

Anyway, there are no details of how much this Japanese Green Card will cost (or when it will be offered). As a ballpark figure for a “bank deposit visa”, in other countries it seems to run in the range of $50,000+ (Costa Rica “inversionistas“) to $400,000 (Canada “business immigrant”) .

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10 thoughts on “Japanese “Green Cards” permanent-resident visas for sale!”

  1. I want to have a green card of Japan Please can u tell me what are the pre requirements?

  2. The hard way: Convince a Japanese company they should hire you, which is difficult if you do not have a college degree.

    Easier way: Be born in the EU or in the British Commonwealth and come here on a working holiday visa (not for USA citizens).

    Easiest way: Marry a Japanese.

  3. please i want to leave from sri lanka with my parents to beautiful small island called JAPAN.

  4. I am from Kenya. I visited Japan and lived in Fukuoka prefecture. I got impressed with how warm and hospitable the Japanese are. Above all, I made many friends in Japan. I can teach English in Japanese school given a chance.

  5. I want green card for japan. Please give me one visa. I vary poor man. Please help me. I have studies certificate. I know computer office program @ multimedia all program. Thank you by .

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