Shoot-the-dog strategy continues in Japan Inc

Previously in the 3Yen report Rat-nappings dog Tokyo explained how there has been a boom in the thefts of chihuahuas in Tokyo. The Japanese loansharking company “AIFUL” has been playing a series of TV commercials starring the chihuahua “Loppi”—AKA “Qoo-chan”—and Japanese have gone crazy about owning a rat dog. Its seems AIFULis gonna shoot the dog now.

AIFUL Mascot “Qoo-chan”
Tokyo (JCN) — AIFUL’s popular spokesdog Qoo-chan may be appearing less frequently after April 1.

Of course AIFUL could be just copying, SONY SHOOTS THE DOG AND DUMPS THE QueiRIO!

This is just a vague Japanese mistake on on the JCN website. What is actually meant by “may be appearing less frequently” is that all the major consumer finance loansharks in Japan has agreed to self-imposed limitations on television ads. That is there will no longer be any loanshark commercials between 7 to 9 AM and 5 to 10 PM. A each loan company will be capped to a max of 100 commercials per month.

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8 thoughts on “Shoot-the-dog strategy continues in Japan Inc”

  1. “Buy this magazine or…” Actually, the actor in those hellish ads has hinted that Qoo-chan passed away some time ago, and has been replaced by another pocket rat. Pure-bred dogs in Japan have an extraordinarily short life expectancy, riddled as they are with all kinds of congenital disorders. The upside for pet dealers: planned obsolescence!

  2. I was wondering about how Qoo-chan’s name was also “Lopie”—saa, it two different dogs.

  3. I always found it amusing that the owner cared far for the dog than anyone in his family…The picture of the dog seems to be from the one where his daughter tells him she is getting married and he seems a bit put off (despite his daughter’s excitement) until he daydreams and sees his dog in morning suit and only then it seems like it could be a happy occasion to him.

  4. “I always found it amusing the owner cared far for the dog than anyone in his family…”

    That ratdog Qoo-chan’s TV commericial reflects how “loved” Japanese fathers are around the house by the rest of their family. (Japanese fathers try to spend all Sunday walking their dog or sleeping in their car alone).

  5. Our female chihuahua will be having puppies in 6 weeks from now. Anyone willing to adopt them can call us at home in Vancouver, Canada at +604-552-7650

  6. Dang.
    Those cute pups in Japan would be worth 40,000yen (about $350USD) each.
    Saaa. Dog import quarantine costs are about $800 (and up to a
    180-day quarantine
    is cruel).



  7. Damn, I detest chihuahuas too.

    However, before the bagbitting puppy farms (and the Chinese) got a hold of them, the Aztec civilization had a rather stout, buff dog called the “Techichi” which was the original chihuahua.
    I just about crapped in jeans when I discovered my favorite piece of Aztec/Colima dog pottery was a f*ckin’ chihuahua.:shock:

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