Fuck-u-cup®, only in Japan

FucucupI love Japanese product names like this stack of so-called “one-cup” sake named Fucucup® which my friend “Omae Mona” brought by the house this weekend for some cherry blossom hamami drinking.

As I said before in my 3Yen report No barfin’ under the blossoms, there’s a wide difference in Japanese behavor and American. Japanese are incorrigible about havening their fun under the sakura cherry blossoms. It is truly their “gods’ given right” to get drunk, vomiting and naked this time of year—just like the Shinto gods do. This results in some funny cultural misunderstandings of Japanese in Washington DC celebrating the blossoms with sake and beer which is against National Park Service regulations and Washington’s open-container law.

After reading in the Economist, What cherry-blossom-watching tells us about two great cultures, my friend from the Antipodes chided me in email: “Drink outside in USA and get arrested? When did it become an Islamic republic?”brown bag
The “open container law” has been around since the 1930s in the US but it is selectively enforced. I can tipple with a bottle of red french plonk in the park, no sweat. However, gangbangers with parked “boomcars” drinking at 1am get busted as will zonked-out-of-their-brains Japanese with karaoke machines. Liquor stores in the US give you a can or bottle sized brown paper bag (see right) in which you place your “open container” into for public drinking….whereas, in Japan they sell you a Fuck-you-Cup(tm) shown stacked above with Buddha.
fukucup cup sake
Language note: My friend CS reminded me the “Fuku” in Japanese means good fortune. But I like the Japanese meaning of fuku for “girth of the abdomen” and ) to blow or to spout, hee, hee.

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