ENDANGERED! Japan’s extreme TV shows


Japan replaces extreme TV shows with duller fare
Yahoo!– TOKYO (Hollywood Reporter) – Nightly doses of pain, degradation and downright embarrassment that once captivated Japanese TV viewers have been toned down dramatically after widespread concerns about their impact on society.
Some programs that horrified viewers and hiked ratings have been replaced with chat shows, cooking series and low-cost dramas — chasing away viewers in the process.more

In case you think Japanese TV is all topless preteen girls playing hopscotch, a lot of it is boring to tears. The worst (and best) is the public broadcast network, NHK, which shows “news” of flowers blooming EVERY day and other wildly exciting fare like two old bald guys playing Go board game. Ya-a-awn.

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3 thoughts on “ENDANGERED! Japan’s extreme TV shows”

  1. Although I’m not for making Japan into an over-litigationised nation like the US, I do find it amazing that none of those shows have had serious legal cases against them. They can cause very serious injury or death, some of those stunts.

    Do you know if there’s been any cases like that?

  2. There are injuries in the TV games but these are hushed up by non-disclosure contracts the performers must sign.
    Amazingly, everything injury-wise is “settled” out of court. This may sound great folks in “over-litigationised” countries, BUT IT IS NOT. What happens in Japan is the less powerful always suffer (and is thought as normal in their hierarchical society). The lack of access to legal recourse in Japan is oppression.

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