It it live or is it Repliee(tm)?

Quick, tell me which is the android clone or the fembot from Japan? It it live or is it Repliee

Android Science Hiroshi Ishiguro makes perhaps the most humanlike robots around–not particularly to serve as societal helpers but to tell us something about ourselves REPLICATED: Ayako Fujii [L] poses with her android clone [R], made for the 2005 Aichi Expo by Ishiguro’s lab and Kokoro Company. more...

It it live or is it Repliee(tm), hee, hee?

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    WWNews – Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
    Professsor Ishiguro teamed up with Kokoro Co., Ltd. to create the realistic-looking female android says she was modeled after a woman in her twenties. She has long black hair, soft silicone skin, and a set of lifelike teeth that allow her to produce a natural smile. Here’s Chizuko with her model:
    robot wife japan–Chizuko (L) with the girl (R) she was modeled after

    When female researchers at Intelligent Robotics Laboratory asked Ishiguro why he didn’t make the female android a thirty-something woman (especially considering Ishiguro is in his late 40s) Ishiguro said, “anybody want some tea?”
    Chizuko is friendly, kind, always smiling and only talks when she is asked a question by her “partner” (man or woman). Ishiguro said, “She’d make a great wife for anybody. Many Japanese parents are buying them for their sons.”
    The efficient design makes Chizuko easy to produce. She is on sale at Seiyu for 5 million yen (about $50,000) each. But for this week – and this week only – you can buy one and get one free. “If you consider how much you spend on a girlfriend over time, it’s a real bargain,” Ishiguro said...more...

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