Miss Universe in ninja high heels

Miss Japan Kurara Chibana in ninjaMiss Universe Pageant
Yahoo! News via Reuters – Wed Jul 19, 3:13 AM ET
Miss Japan Kurara Chibana appears during the costume exhibition during preliminary

Also check out her ninja bikini!

Miss Japan Kurara Chibana ...

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44 thoughts on “Miss Universe in ninja high heels”

  1. If all those girls actually existed in my face-to-face world…well, I would have a stroke long before I could judge who was better.

  2. Oh gosh, the only thing I went through was the national costume part. It was funny b/c I thought the costumes would be distracting but it actually worked well to filter out who was “meh” and who stood out.

    That and it’s always the most hilarious portion of this contest anyway b/c some of the costumes make you raise an eyebrow i.e. who goes to war in high heels?

  3. Miss USA Among Top 5 Miss Universe Contestants

    (AP) LOS ANGELES Miss USA Tara Conner, mouthing the words “Oh my God!,” made the top five Sunday night in her bid to reign as Miss Universe 2006.
    Conner was vying to become the first U.S. winner since Brook Lee in 1997. The Kentucky native wore a red-white-and-blue jockey outfit and cracked a whip during the opening parade of nations. Several of the contestants sported costumes featuring colorful native dress, including feathers, sequins, fur, massive headpieces and, in the case of Miss Japan, a Samurai sword.
    Joining Conner in the top five were Kurara Chibana of Japan; Lourdes Arevalos of Paraguay; Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza of Puerto Rico; and Lauriane Gillieron of Switzerland….__________________

  4. I’m from Puerto Rico, so I’m glad Zuleyka won, but I was actually rooting for Kurara during the final moments. They were pretty much eye-to-eye on the swimsuit and evening gown parts, but just for the Q&A section, Japan should have won.

    Besides, I read interviews with the both of them in the official Miss Universe website, and I think Kurara could do more with the crown than Zuleyka. But oh well…

  5. NO,NO,NO. Miss Japan deserved to be crowned miss universe. She is natural and smart. Puerto Rico – USA…. Same thing. But what can u expect from the judges. Most of them live in the US. Shame on them…..

  6. I am an american, don’t say PR is the same as the USA. She was the least attractive of the finalist. I was rooting for Miss Japan – beautiful lady. The other four finalist were are better looking that Miss PR (she probably had sex with Trump to win).

  7. I fell in love with Japan as the competition went on. During the question portions, I felt that Japan really nailed it. But like I mentioned on another site a couple years ago, since Donald Trump took over almost a decade ago, the pageant status quo has risen while fair and honest judging has dropped. Very biased judging these days.

  8. Japan absolutely deserved to win, PR deserved 3rd Runner-Up behind Paraguay & Switzerland. Very Unfair…

  9. I like Japan.. The more you stare at her the more she looks beautiful. She has everything from charming looks to smart brain… Go miss Chibana.. You are my miss universe.. Yahoo!

  10. OMG Japanese is so cute! arrgh i wish i had a cute face like her.. That ninja outfit is so cute too! sorry, i’m a teenage high-school girl! ^^

  11. Well, Miyube-san maybe you don’t want the whole ninja girl look.

    My drinking buddy Gen Kannai reported several bi-lingual Japanese comments like:

    Kurara Chibana… The joke was to have her be “SOFA Spokeswoman” for Okinawa (…. difficult relationship with the US military).
    Someone’s had some … augmentation surgery….

  12. I think all of the judge not bein’ a profesoinal at this year in miss universe 2006. From all miss japan performsnce,course she is better than miss puerto rico. Japan is More beutiful,more smart,and fluently in 4 language…and what did the jugde said…all people in the world have the same thing with me….think twice!!! the crown better matc in miss japan’s head….miss Chibana,u Are the real miss universe

  13. Miss Japan was absolutely stunning and carried herself with an air of grace. She looks like an Asian Beyonce don’t you think?

  14. off çok güzel gerçekten bence japonlar gayet güzel!

  15. i agree too! all the rest don’t seem to have anything that differentiated them from the rest… just lots of teeth showing!
    the only one that showed any intelligence was japan, n btw, ms switzerland is so bony! n her answer to her question was so…. crap.

  16. wow, that is not a ninja outfit.It is Japanese Samurai attire, altered for a woman to wear in a pageant.

  17. First and foremost… JAPAN should have won!! but i wont argue with PR as miss universe because she too was beautiful and intelligent… and shes only 18 but expressed real maturity. miss japan is 24 (6 years is a lot of difference).

    On a diff. note…how funny was miss usa’s answer!!

    Q:what is your biggest flaw?

    A: i wear my heart on my shoulder sometimes blah blah… in other words my biggest FLAW is that I CARE TOO MUCH!!! *cry*


  18. Sarah mentioned:–>“‘I wear my heart on my shoulder sometimes blah blah… in other words my biggest FLAW is that I CARE TOO MUCH!!! *cry*’ … wtf?” <– Oh, that’s the standard advice for answering job interview questions in the US. I guess Miss USA was already looking for a new job, hee, hee.

  19. Miss Japan was sweet, beautiful and great personality….by far the best Finalist to win the title. She also gave the best answer by far, very surprise she didnt win…i dont get it…i dont like the results of miss universe the since Trump took over.

  20. Thanks to Mulboyne here is the national director for Miss Universe in Japan, Ines Ligron’s blog about Miss Japan’s national costume.

    Kurara national costume
    2006.06.30(Fri) National director for Miss Universe in Japan’s blog
    …The most important thing about the design was that it should not detract from a woman’s femininity. In fact, the hard iron of the armor upon soft skin should accentuate and even emphasize female sensuality. The theme of the costume is “Sensuality which springs from strength and dignity”Just like the traditional armor, steel was used in its construction, and thick cotton fabric was used on the forearms and shins to give a sporty look. The chain mail thigh guards are made from fishnet stockings, boldly expressing the eroticism of modern Japanese city women.
    Taking into account the concept of Miss Universe, it can be said that this costume is an object of brutality that defies history and tradition. However, it cannot be denied that it expresses the strength and beauty of women today….

  21. KURARA CHIBANA ROCKS!!!!!Omedetoo!
    ZuLeyka Mendoza SUCKS!!
    Again another “STEREOTYPE of beauty” had won in Ms.Universe…sO saD..
    Ms.Japan should have won!! Kurara`s Interpreter should be KICKED OUT FOR GOOD!.During the Q & A Kurara`s answer emphasized about the “Strong and Good points of Women and Men needs to stop the VIOLENCE that they`re doing to WOmen so that the World would be better”..but the CRAZY INTERPRETER emphasized about the “Violence of Men to Women alone!!”,, ..that`s why KUrara LOST the crwon..so SAD!

  22. “Stereotype”?

    Behind the Paper Screen / Japanese beauty fit for global consumption
    The Daily Yomiuri / Aug 16, 2006

    …..Globalized beauty is beauty that cannot be pinned on the map, that cannot be traced to a single racial or ethnic origin. It is no coincidence that Latin America has been so heavily represented in Miss Universe in recent years, where racial and cultural mixing has taken place for generations. Kurara-san’s good looks–she is tall, leggy, dark-haired and olive-skinned–fit perfectly with this new standard of globalized beauty.
    The visual impact of the group shot of 10 finalists speaks more eloquently than a thousand words; Kurara-san blends in so perfectly with this group dominated by mestiza (mixed) Latinas that you have to look closely to be able to tell which lady is Japanese.
    One question remains: Why did Japanese contestants not do well at Miss Universe contests from the 1960s to the 1990s? During these decades, Japan emerged and peaked as the modern economic power, and the predominant image of Japan during this period was once again that of aggressive–and aesthetically not so pleasing–masculinity, as represented in a cutthroat Japanese businessmen in drab business suits and bad haircuts.
    As the exoticized feminine image of geishas faded in the Western mind, Japanese contestants who continued to represent traditional Japanese beauty lost their edge in the worldwide competition.
    If Kurara-san’s success in this year’s Miss Universe contest was based on her polished, globalized self-presentation, there is another important, perhaps critical, aspect of her globalized appeal: her clever take on the anime-esque aesthetics that originated in Japanese pop culture and have become a popular trend around the world….

  23. la chica de japon era las mas linda mis puerto rico no le podia haber ganado eso no sirbio los jueses estaban borrachos .

  24. Hmmm “la chica de japon” vs Miss Puerto Rico….I’d die of a heart attack trying to choose between them at closing time in a bar, ha, ha.


  25. Oh goodness people stop hating on Ms Puerto Rico!

    People only wanted to Japan to win because she can speak four langauges.

    That does not make u intelligent
    I did not find her pretty, and her body looked nasty

    I’m glad Ms. Puerto Rico won!
    Go gurl

  26. i think that Miss Japan should have won because she was the most genuine, intelligent, and beautiful. I agree with others commentators that the translators often make huge mistakes that leave the contestants who require their services at a major disadvantage. Ms Chibana is an absolute babe! Not to take away from ms puerto rico, who is pretty as well, but in my opinion the judges were biased against ms japan.

  27. I wonder if it’s really gonna happen? Will The Trump going to do a StealthRun for pres? He’d garner a lot of votes!

  28. Nicky Poo wrote:
    My butt is prettier…

    Cool! Perhaps you could post a link here to a photo of this bodacious butt of yours on i.imgur.com, instagram, or flickr for all of us to enjoy.

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