Earthsea, the Japanese anime

Miyazaki Goro's Earthsea, the Japanese animeEarthsea the anime
The Star, 23 July
URSULA K. Le Guin’s Earthsea saga ranks alongside J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings as among the world’s best-loved fantasy tales. It’s a collection of novels and short stories set in a magical world called Earthsea and largely follows the life of Ged, a rash, impulsive boy who possesses magical powers… … Entitled Gedo Senki, the anime feature will be released in Japan at the end of this month. Interestingly, Miyazaki Goro, the son of famed animator Miyazaki Hayao, will direct this production ….
First trailer:
Second trailer:

Earthsea, the Japanese anime, meh. The cheesy-Japanesy theme song that “wistfully” accompanies the trailer ruined it for me right off. As the the Star article confesses. “many of the characters are fair-skinned while in Le Guin’s world most are dark-skinned.” Well, duh! It is not like Japanese will ever pay money to see anime with “darkies” in it.

Last night I watched Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle on TV Tokyo. Like Earthsea is a European themed novel turned into complete japanesque vision. Yes, Earthsea is an early Iron Age society and Howl’s is industrializing one, but both European and NOT Japanese in anyway. To me, both faux-European anime look as bizarre as The Mikado comic opera of Japan with pathetically-incorrect characters like “Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else and Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing, and Peep-Bo, sisters and wards of Ko-Ko” (pathetically shown in their bathrobes-cum-kimono below).

The Mikado comic opera of Japan Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing, and Peep-Bo, Three Sisters, Wards of Ko-Ko

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