‘making a formicary hole & carry their baits’

Ant's Life Studio

Yahoo! News Photo, AFP – Thu Sep 7, 10:09 AM ET
A Japan’s toy giant Bandai employee the new virtual ants growing video game “ant’s life studio”, which shows ants on a 3-inch LCD display, making a formicary hole, carry their baits and a queen ant lays eggs in Tokyo.

The game’s name is “Ant’s Life Studio” which the accompanying article aptly titles, Toy lets workers watch ant’s life and forget theirs. This “game” by Bandai of Tamagotchi virtual pet fame is more meant for visual entertainment and the only thing the owner needs to do is to watch the ants work and occasionally play the hero by killing a wolf spider.

Oh and by the way, the Japanese word for an animal’s “food” and “bait” are the same esa (餌 / えさ). However, I had to look up waht the hell a “formicary hole” was.

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