Japanese JOBA(tm) vs RodeoBoy(tm)

Joba, the Japanese word for horseback riding,exercise machine manufactured by Matsushita

Moving saddle without horse hot in Japan
TOKYO, Sept. 14 (UPI) …The Joba, the Japanese word for horseback riding, is manufactured by Matsushita, and sells for $700. Its popularity has grown so much, there is a 3-week backorder wait for the saddle, complete with stirrups…Recently, the Joba made its U.S. debut on the Panasonic Web site and through the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. It is bigger [fat-ass version] than its Japanese counterpart more...

Back in Novemeber of 2004, gadgets.3yen.com first reported about “Rodeo enters Japanese living-rooms” featuring the JOBA(tm) horseback riding machine by Matsushita/Panosonic.

horseback riding machine exercise The JOBA(tm) must be a hit because the RodeoBoy(tm) is being advertised 24/7 on my TV Direct network on the cable/satellite channels for only 29,800 Yen ($54 USD). On the righthand side of the webpage you can watch a video of RodeoBoy in action in their infommerial.
RodeoBoy(tm) horseback riding machine exercise horseback riding machine exercise
You might ask, Why?” would Matsushita want to market a $700 to $2,000 fitness machine that a rodeo style gallop when most Japanese whine all the time about having a “stiff neck” and lower back-pain. I suppose Matsushita is thinking of a fighting-fire-with-fire solution to get rid of this back discomfort, hee, hee. Then again, if you saw how terrible Japanese posture is, the lack of home furniture with any back support and how crappy Japanese workplace ergonomics is, you would understand. Also, this horseback-riding machine exercise is perfect for geezer market in Japan where the majority of peole are over forty years old (in my ritzy Denenchofu neighborhood it’s closer to sixty years old).

Finally, here are some lame videos of horseback riding machines in action.

 RodeoBoy french bulldog

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12 thoughts on “Japanese JOBA(tm) vs RodeoBoy(tm)”

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the iGallop.

    I didn’t mention the iGallop because it’s a Singapore company ( Osim International) and seems to be riding on the coattails of development of the market by Matsushita/National/Panasonic.

    The idea for the riding machine is old—the device has existed since the 1920s, but it *seems* that Matsushita brought it to the mass market’s attention. It’s hard to tell whether Matsushita or Osim started selling this riding machine first, but Matsushita has been pushing it since 1999.

    How long has the iGallop been on the market?

  2. I can’t get enough of playing Horsey Horsey–I love these horse games so much! I wish my uncle would get me one! Anyone know where I can play other Horsey-Horsey games? I most enjoy the ones where you dress up as a horse. What is everyone elses’ favorites?

  3. horsey-gamesH H Games spammed:
    I can’t get enough of playing Horsey Horsey!!

    Sheesh, I get enough Comment Spam but this targeted perverted spam comment is a first here on the 3Yen (and I hope the last).

  4. Rather than talking to girls about their love of horses in a poorly-translated eroge, you ought to try some real “horsey play” to pound your balls aka tanuki tama*.

    *Japanese “tan-tan tanuki tama” aka ‘raccoon dog’ balls (Wiki) have nothing to do with raccoons (or dogs for that matter) but definitely BALLS.
    7-11 Japan's TV commerical
    Tan Tan Tanuki no kintama wa
    Kaze mo nai no ni
    Bura bura bura

    “Tanuki’s testicles swing back and forth even when there is no wind blowing.” —A common schoolyard song in Japan

  5. More better…
    Don’t you think the dildo for a saddlehorn gives the game away?

  6. the new work out machine
    Korea is mo’ betta!

    Too bad….if they’d had mops on the ends, she could clean the floors at the same time…

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