Robot son of a bitchAIBO

Meet MI-RAI-RT, from the maker of AIBO
Engadget Sep 13th 2006 …MI RAI-RT, from AIBO’s creator Tomoaki Kasugi now of Speecys Corp, is the latest all singing, all dancing robot, all growed-up and ready for release upon Japan. In addition to reading you the news downloaded over its 802.11g WiFi module, MI RAI-RT ..will teach your family English and deliver “3D messages” via RTM… which entails reading emails or other message types with appropriately intimidating body languageMI-RAI-RT concept drawing complete with robo upskirt

This new robot is a son of a bitch—that is, the AIBO bitch robo-dog. The creator of the now dead AIBO, Tomoaki Kasugi, is once again trying to flog his not-ready-for-prime-time toys that don’t do anything useful. Being a “pet” robot is the only function these humaniod robots can serve for the moment and it must be hell to try to market this $2,700 USD robot solely as entertainment.

As shown above, there are some twisted concept drawings of the MI-RAI-RT robot are complete with robo upskirt! You can find more weirdness on the official Speecys website. As alluded to the snarky Engadget report, the Speecys company has some strange ideas as what a robot would be useful for around the house (note that that house pictured is 10 times mor spacious than any home in Japan).

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