Game girls and failure at TGS 2006

How do you say “failure’ in Japanese?
The TGS 2006, Tokyo Game Show held at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe convention center September 22-24. Every year, the TGS is a zoo — the crowds are wild—80,000+ game geeks attended. Why? Mostly because it is the best “date” the game otaku will have all year.

However, there were some very public failures at TGS 2006—It’s hard to tell which booth babes I have more sympathy for:

1. These CAPCOM fashion failures…
CAPCON girls

2. These sad SONY Symbionese Liberation Army members
sad  Sony girls

3. Or, these clone-like Xbox girls who must know Microsoft’s efforts in Japan are greatest failure in the history of the Japanese game market (BusinessWeek).
Xbox girls who must know Microsoft's efforts in Japan are greatest failure

In Japanese, the name Xbox reads as BatsuBox (×箱) meaning a ‘no-good box’ –Talk about a marketing nightmare!

Watch the video of this year’s Tokyo Game Show on the official Microsoft website of TGS.
Better yet, check out the TGS 2006 BOOTH BABE GALLERY on and recommended by my drinking buddy “Mulboyne.”

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  1. A moment of silence please…

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