Finally, here’s a use for Japanese miso paste

turds made of brownish soybean paste from Japan THE FLUSHER KING
–‘The most accurate test ever’–
Toronto Star, Oct. 22, 2006 … To objectively test the flushing performance of six-litre toilets, Gauley first had to develop a “test specimen” that would better replicate human waste … the density, moisture content, and other properties of the real thing: a brownish soybean paste imported from Japan in 20-kilogram containers. It’s better known as miso.more

I LOVE this use of the dread, ubiquitous miso/味噌. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with the soybean paste of Japan, miso, it just damn boring to have aged salty soy flavor mixed in every damn Japanese meal in some way. It’s just salty miso (and dashi/出汁) in Japanese life-without-spice(tm).

On the other hand, Japanese toilets are not only great for their high-tech squirting and bun warming abilities, when called on any Japanese toilet can flush the Trans-Pacific Cable if need be. No poop, no matter how large will clog a Japanese toilet. Japanese toilets (non-squat) are the best on earth when it comes to sending miso or anything else on its way.

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