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FU&D! – The Ultimate Steven Seagal Site —Welcome to Fuck You and Die! This is a page dedicated to the toughest guy ever to kick ass both off and on the silver screen – Steven Seagalmore

What’s cheezier than the speeding bullet…more poluted than a locomotive, and able to leap tall tales in a single bound”?! The ultimate Japanophile, Steven Seagal—the all-time emperor of bad action movies. In fact he’s so bad, he makes the Tokyo Shock Boyz (who wrote about yesterday) look good as you can see below.
Tokyo Shock Boyz with Steven Seagal

Check all all Japanophile-filled cheesy video clips by Steven Seagal aka “スティーヴン・セガール” on such as…
Belly of the Beast – Seagal’s Pimp Hand
[very ghey] Japan Ad for TAKEDA energy drink – Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal singing (?!) – Girl it’s alright
Steven Seagal Mountain Dew Commercial

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