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Mii on wiiWii Flash avatar – Engadget Japanese, Oct 3, 2006, 6:00 PM ET

A while ago Engadget-Japan covered “Mii on wii” — That is, “me on wii’s” avatar generator for the Nintendo wii game system that I wrote about a couple of months ago in Wee-weeing on Nintendo Wii.

The Wii system has a “mii” (me) avatar generator incorporated into their “wii-miichannel” social networking site. The generator program is created in Flash and even though its webpage is in Japanese, the generator itself has no words in its interface making it easy to use. See the video of the wii avatar demo here.

Actually, there dozens of avatar generators on the Internet as well as a few police-style “Identi-kits” for creating composite drawings of suspects. Many of the generators are just excuses to get get you download their software that infects your computer with evil spyware viruses like “Zwinky”. Other generators are harmeless Flash-based like the Yahoo avatar generator which does better that wii in creating an accurate avatar with my features (cleanhead, thinner lips, large nose) as you see below.
Yahoo avatar

However, none of these beat D.I.Y. avatar icons like this one that I use.
Taro winkingTaro winking

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