Penis vs Anus (Yokohama’s logo vs Tokyo’s)

The logo of Yokohama’s Kanagawa prefecture is a penis.
Penis logo of Yokohama's Kanagawa prefecture

Tokyo’s logo is a good gay companion to Yokohama’s logo: The old Tokyo logo was a puckered anus…
old Tokyo logo was a puckered anus

After years of complaints from city workers who had puckered anus logos on their business cards and uniforms, Tokyo –which is a city and a prefecture– changed its logo in 1990 to a leaf of the Tokyo’s official tree, the gingko as well as a stylized “T” of Tokyo .
Logo of Tokyo leaf of official tree, the gingko( 東京 ロゴ)
However, you can see the old puckered anus logo on the covers of most sewer manholes (L) and flying proudly as the formal city flag in the front of the stately Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (R).
tokyo manhole cover access puckered anus Tokyo City Hall-1

Speaking of sad-looking Japanese logos, check out this limp dick logo of Town Art Co., LTD. Tokyo.
limp dick logo

Today’s topic via the always charming Mari – diary, who missed the easy city logo punchline in her report today about, The new logo of Chiba pref.

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7 thoughts on “Penis vs Anus (Yokohama’s logo vs Tokyo’s)”

  1. I thonk I will go on with my promotional T-shirts idea:

    “Toyohashi… at least it’s safer than Saitama”

    With a fine print “except for the weather”

    What do you expect from a city who’s emblem is a Moderately pissed off Satanic giant midget robot…


    And the kamon is the Black Widow spider sandclock…

    dorky black widow logo

  2. tokyohoon answering: Where to buy a Tokyo Prefecture flag?

    I haven’t been in [the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku for] a while, but they had small ones for sure last time, and I believe they had larger ones too. In the gift shop in the observatory.flag-tokyo-city-wehende-flagge-60x90

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