Darkish matter discovery on NHK

The morning news from Japan’s national broadcaster NHK announced that a “group of researcher from Ehime University (Shikoku Japan) and others overseas have solved the so-called “dark matter” conundrum: The mass of the universe is about many, many times greater than expected.
Watch the video in Japanese from NHK here [宇宙の“暗黒物質”分布解明].

NHK	dark matter

It turns out that this “news” seems to be a matter of NHK darkish puffery. The official research findings will appear in the January 7 issue of Nature magazine list the main authors first—Only the 15th and 17th authors of the last four listed were Japanese: “.. .S. Sasaki (Physics Department Ehime University), J. L. Starck (Service d’Astrophysique), Y. Taniguchi (Ehime University) and J. Taylor (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Waterloo).”

First 3D Map Of The Universe’s Dark Matter Scaffolding
Paris, France (SPX) Jan 08, 2007

By analysing the COSMOS survey – the largest ever survey undertaken with Hubble – an international team of scientists has assembled a three-dimensional map that offers a first look at the web-like large-scale distribution of dark matter in the Universe… ordinary matter, which accounts in total for only one sixth of the total mass in the Universe. The remainder is a mysterious component – dark matter – that neither emits nor reflects light.

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