End of Japan’s noise tribe, the BOSOZOKU

BOSOZOKUThis week’s Metropolis/JapanToday magazine has rather scattered cover story about the end of the Bosozoku (暴走族) (literally “Violent Running Tribe”) who modify their exhaust systems to be extra loud and drive through town late at night, waving imperial Japanese flags and shouting obscenities, occasionally throwing Molotov cocktails and carrying swords/spears, and generally having noisy fun. The cover story is: “Behind the Mask the sun sets on the heyday of Japan’s Bosozuku“.

Most of the content of the cover story is from a guy called Masayuki Yoshinaga has been covering Japan’s fringe for the past decade and his book Zoku. You can watch Yoshinaga’s bosozoku video and read more about the Figure8Production’s documentary project: http//www.figure8productions.com

BOSOZOKU view video/trailer (crappy Flash non-link)

Kanto-Zoku view film short
UYOKU video/trailer(crappy Flash non-link)

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3 thoughts on “End of Japan’s noise tribe, the BOSOZOKU”

  1. No. of bike gang group members falls below 10,000
    TOKYO, Feb. 10 (AP) – (Kyodo)—The number of motorcycle gang members slipped below 10,000 last year for the first time since the National Police Agency started collecting the data in 1975, coming to 9,064, the agency said Thursday.
    Since peaking at 42,510 in 1982, the number has followed a declining path mainly because of unwillingness to submit to the hierarchies within bike gangs and their strict rules, the NPA said.
    As a result, the number of gangs fell 76 from the previous year to 507 nationwide, according to the data….

  2. The “BUSTA” –bitchin’ black biker pollen mask for Yankii

    Right, Japanese and their “pollen” masks…

    There was the knifer in Kashiwa just recently, and the news report said as part of his description that he was wearing a face mask. Then they interviewed police (all wearing masks), neighborhood folk (all wearing masks), and folks at the train station (again all in masks), and it wasn’t until minutes into the report that somebody appeared in some of the b-roll background somewhere that wasn’t wearing one of those damn masks.

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