‘Where’s the beef?’

My neighborhood friend, Patrick was by my house for dinner last night for a meal of Cajun Dirty-Rice-‘n’-Beans to recover from this Crime-Against-Humanity….

Wendy's An-BurgerAn-Burger!
PaperCuts – art of Patrick Gannon, Friday, January 5th
The ad-line reads [“甘くて、ほかほか、チイーズ入り!”], translating roughly into “Sweet, Hot, with Cheese!”, which made me want to run right into the shop and scarf down a couple of these An-Burgers. A steamy mix of Anko (red bean paste) on a bed of margarine and topped with a slice of cheese….

Just in case you think I’m making up a only-in-Japan horror story, here’s the link to Wendy’s Japan “An-Burger Campaign”(あんバーガー): “December 4th — Bean Jam Burger, new on sale now!! Being sweet, warm and with cheese entering …details.”

All I can think to say is: Where’s the beef?

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6 thoughts on “‘Where’s the beef?’”

  1. Over on the Exploding Aardvark blog was this comment by aardvark-san:

    MOS Burger ad (YouTube). I think this is a “mushroom white-sauce focaccia.”
    Maybe my daughter can confirm this or set me straight. Oh, and feast your eyes on the Wendy’s Japan An-Burger, AKA the Sandwich That Should Not Be….

    Oh my Buddha!
    “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria.”

  2. Just when I thought Wendys was doing the right thing by getting rid of transfat oil in their cooking, they go and make something up like this…..think I’ll just go dunk my head into a bucket of water and be depressed…..

  3. Wendy’s sold all Japanese rights to the Japanese Walmart-wannabe, Daiei Inc, a company and Wendy’s International has almost nothing to do with Japan operations. Daiei own Big Boy rights too. Poor Dave Thomas must be rolling in his grave.

  4. I see….so does that mean that Bugger King also is under the thumb of some J-Corp to make some Let’s Bahgah Oh-sama the new trend, after Bugger King went away for a number of years?

  5. Yep Den4-san, according to my inside sources at Seiyu-Walmart management board…

    Wendy’s quit the Japanese market because of low profits (but no loses). Daiei brought back Wendy’s knowing that the price for “damaged goods” would be dirt cheap and Wendy’s “poor” profit margin is the same as the regular profit margin in the supermarket biz (1.5 to 3.5%). In addition, Daiei has zillions of out-dated, in-store lunch counters that need to be upgraded—That’s a perfect match for installing new Wendy’s reusing the old lunch counters’ equipment.

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