Japanese festivals at their best


Yahoo! News Photo, Reuters – Sun Jan 21, 2:46 AM ET
Participants wearing the traditional ‘fundoshi’ or loincloth prepare during the festival of Enoshima midwinter mikoshi chastening meeting on the coast of the Sagami Bay in Fujisawa, south of Tokyo

Ahhhh, Fujisawa, Enoshima and the naked festival. You gotta love it. Especially, that girl with her father in the middle of the photo wearing a fundoshi. Gee, I should dig out my photos of me in a thong….not.

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3 thoughts on “Japanese festivals at their best”

  1. Mo’ classy…

    cat-street-mikoshi harajuku shrine parade[+]
    Although lacking the hinky closeups of my above post, Japanese festivals at their best (3Yen), @TokyoFashion has a great series of photos of fundoshi fashionistas carrying a portable shrine down the back streets of Tokyo’s über-trendy Harajuku district.

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