Japanese companies promote sleeping on the job, ri-i-i-ight

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Day Time Napping Linked To Healthier Heart And Longer Life
Medical News Today, UK – 13 Feb. 2006
…taking a nap during the day is significantly linked to lower risk of dying from heart disease and stroke. The research paper is published in the Archives of Internal Medicine….
…. in Japan it is not unusual for companies to provide “napping rooms” or “desk pillows” for employees to take a nap during working hours.

Over the years I have noticed an odd pattern in news reports about Japan that attribute a new or desired business trend (such as “napping rooms”) as already being done in “advanced” Japan. It’s very funny that in Japanese news reports of the same business trends there are claims that “power naps” on company time already standard in the United States. Neither are truthful.

In Japan, there are sleeping bags in the office for people who miss the last train home working overtime. And, conference rooms might be officially reserved in the daytime for employees to have a nap if they have worked a 20-hour shift the day before. However, in Japan it is VERY unusual for companies to provide “napping rooms” or “desk pillows.”

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