Male love doll drives Japanese girls wild

I written several times about Japanese love doll fetishes such as:
i-doloids! Love Dolls for Japan and the rest of the world
Freakazoid Japanese figurine complex
‘Milky Lovers’: love doll brothel for Akihabara otaku
Anime. Bukkake. Dolls.

However, this Japanese love doll report from the news broadcaster “AXN” is a woot even though it’s all in Japanese. Watch the video below and read Mari’s full complete rundown in English.
love doll for Japanese girls

crazy? vulgarity?
Mari – diary: Thursday, February 15, 2007

…Axe brand’s official sites seem to be elaborate in each countries. It is fun to check them. This is Canada one, they have hook up game. This will be France one, is that criminal investigation or something? This is Denmark site, there are many many beauty women. But I think the craziest one is Japanese site. Here it is. A beautiful newscaster Marina read many news in japan. “Geisha Riot”, “Zen temple panic”, “Graduation ceremony happening”, in every news women went crazy because guy used Axe.

Male love doll make Japanese girls go wild

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  1. Oh hell, just put a bag over his/her/its head and nobody could tell the difference.

    Trafficking in Japan—the forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation of mannequins

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