Tokyo alert: BIOHAZARD burger

BIOHAZARD burgerWarning to all in Tokyo

The chain “Sasebo hamburger LOG KIT” is moving into the Tokyo/Kanto area: They do NOT serve food—only toxic waste.

“LOG KIT” served me the worst meal I have ever eaten in my life: A 600-gram “Super Cheese Burger” [スペシャルチーズバーガー], but it really was the ultimate “mayoraa” burger covered with at least 150cc of mayonnaise served in wax paper bowl-envelop for 1,750 yen ($14.45 USD).

The burger problems include:
–Low-gluten cake four with 20% sugar for the “Homemade” bun baked in a way too cool oven
–Too-thick, 1cm, raw yellow onion slice
–Slices of pale, dry, out of brine for weeks pickle and pickle relish (use one or the other but not both)
–Undercooked, drooling fried egg coated with Cheeze-Wiz
–French’s brand mustard watered down to save money
–and, oddly the meat was just fine but impossible to eat because it was floating in cup of mayonnaise, Cheeze-Wiz and watered-down mustard.

Seriously. The LOG KIT “スペシャルチーズバーガー Set” was the worst meal of my life— and I’ve been served freshly boiled puppies in 2-week old mutton stew on the Navajo Reservation. I’d estimate this burger was 30% liquids like mayo, ketchup, mustard, salaryman snot, etc. as well as overly large pieces of onion, cabbage and tomato, to boost the total weight to 600 grams. The meat itself was labeled a “1/3 lbs patty” in English.

Here are the pix. Fear for your life.
BIOHAZARD burgerBIOHAZARD burger shop sign

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6 thoughts on “Tokyo alert: BIOHAZARD burger”

  1. The more I think about pinchin’ a Log Kit, the angrier I get.
    Those thieves ripped me off for a final bill of more than 4,000 yen for the Jumbo set for two people plus a couple of drinks. That’s about $40 bucks for two trash burgers. Arrrrg.

  2. I got online this morning to check my email and mess around on facebook for a bit. Next thing I know it’s 7pm, my legs are totally numb, and I have this nasty trail of dried drool down my chin. That internet coma completely ruined my day!

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