‘Happy Poo will probably come close to you soon.’

Bank of lifeMy friend, the international man of mystery— Mr. M, just found the news story: “ Make A Virtual Friend Happy Through Saving” about the “The Bank of Life” game, which made me wonder where the devil I had seen that before.
Wait, wait. I wrote about it here on the 3Yen. D’oh!

Piggy Bank for the upcoming Year of the Pig
3Yen, 30 Dec …“Bank of Life” by Tomy –in Japanese called Jinsei Ginko[人生銀行]. The Bank of Life is a game style saving system the works much like the Tamagocchi game also by Takara-Tomy Corporation….
screenshots of Life Bank

Not to be outdone by Tomy’s Tamagocchi piggybank, the company Sunart of Japan has made a more old school, traditional, Japanese bank, the GOLDEN CAT POOP BANK called theUnchi-Neko Coin Bank.
As the 3Yen’s sponsor, J-List.com describes in their online catalog for a better bank, Maneki Neko, the Lucky Cat who, is a symbol of fortune, waves customers into Japanese shops.

How about ordering J-List’s crazy Unchi-Neko bank (Poop Cat) parody that features the famous cat nuzzling a golden spiral of poo?

This bank is emblazoned with a lucky fortune that reads, “Happy Poo will probably come close to you soon.” R-i-i-ight.
J-List says it’s perfect for, “manekineko and poo fans around the world!”

Unchi-Neko Coin Bank for manekineko and poo fans Buy now!

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