‘Greenpeace to Continue Whaling’ – Google News

Greenpeace Continues Whaling

Japan – Google News
Greenpeace Ship Heads to Japan to Continue Whaling

Scoop.co.nz, New Zealand – 12 minutes ago

I just looooooove it when the news-bots at Google News write headlines like this screenshot I took this morning. Even the non-truncated headline sounds fun, “Greenpeace Ship Heads to Japan to Continue Whaling Campaign.” Maybe the headline writer might have wanted to say, “Anti-Whaling Campaign.”

Greenpeace to Continue Whaling

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One thought on “‘Greenpeace to Continue Whaling’ – Google News”

  1. It seems the cool folks at Greenpeace read the 3Yen…

    Greenpeace – Making Waves: Google News: Greenpeace to continue whaling
    March 9, 2007 / Posted by Adele at 10:26 AM…
    …the faithful Googlebot dutifully tried to gather up news about The Esperanza arriving in Sydney (yay!) and our intention to return to Tokyo, it accidentally truncated the headline to read “Greenpeace Ship Heads to Japan to Continue Whaling”. It seems that perhaps robots can’t entirely replace the human race after all… Asimov can rest in peace.

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