‘Dumb Dumb, get me some Gum Gum!’

Fuwarinka Gum -- Rose Flavor
Fuwarinka anti-BO gum

I was surfing through my RSS feeds this morning and I spotted a Japanese favorite of mine on Boing Boing: “Chewing gum changes your BO.”

This Fuwarinka chewing gum claims to changes your body chemistry so that you exude a pleasant aroma after chewing it by employing a special aroma component from geraniol and linalool. It turns out that “geraniol” and “linalool” are respectively just rose oil and thyme with a college education.

But hey, the worst thing in Japan to have is, “oyaji kusai (親父臭い)” the pejorative term for that unpleasant greasy smell from “oyaji” older guys like me, especially useless salarymen.

So if you want to smell like a rose, you can order Fuwarinka Gum from our sponsor J-List.Fuwarinka Gum -- Rose Flavor

Dumb Dumb, get me some Gum Gum from J-List
Also check out the other bizarre Japanese chewing gum offerings such as Lotte’s “Black Black Gum” with three times the caffeine than coffee, their “IQ Supplement Gum”, or for that special Night-at-the-Museum Moai in your life, “Omikuji COLA,” a Japanese stick bubblegum that looks like Omikuji fortune-telling sticks from a Shinto shrine.
“Omikuji fortune telling sticks as bubblegum”

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2 thoughts on “‘Dumb Dumb, get me some Gum Gum!’”

  1. Tokyo Immigration Office.
    No projectile vomiting.


    The sign actually reads no spitting of chewing “gum” (ガム — ga-mu) and littering.

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