Spiderman is Japanese

YouTube – 1978 – Spider-Man live action

This endorsed, live action version of Japanese Spiderman (スパイダーマン) in 1978 pre-dates and shows how much of an influence that it had on the later shows of the 90s such as Zyuranger (16th; 1992) and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993, copy of Zyuranger).

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2 thoughts on “Spiderman is Japanese”

  1. In the 70s, Japan was the end of the earth—a backwater. I beat Marvel figured that anything that happened in Japan didn’t affect their image in the Real World.

    Oddly, that attitude is still held by Western actors who are not embarrassed to do doggie-doo TV commercials here in Japan. Western celebrities feel safe in the knowledge that “nobody” will see them—as chronicled by japander.com.

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