Prison & Penguin ‘Pythagoras Switch’, also Ninjas!!

What’s a “Pythagoras Switch” and what does have to do with Penguins, Prisons and Ninjas? .

“Pythagoras Switch” is an educational television show on NHK—a rollicking science program for kids (like me). As I first covered this a year ago in the 3Yen in report NHK’s “Pitagora-Switch” on Japanese public TV. The show is aimed at early mental development of children, as well as plain old fun.

One of the fun segments of the Pythagoras Switch show is the, “Algorithm March”—the Group Exercise/Taiso. Watch the three following YouTube videos of the Algorithm March with: Ninjas, the Japan Polar Research Team, and Pinoy Prisoners!

Pythagoras Switch – Algorithm March with Ninjas!!

Penguin Pitagora Suiichi
NHK’s Pythagoras Switch – Algorithm Taiso with the Japan Polar Research Team!

Not to be outdone, and with similar fashion sense….

Pinoy Prison Pitagora Switch
Algorithm Taiso performed by 967 inmates of the Cebu Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Philippines

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