Fugu blowfish disco ball

Fugu blowfish disco ball

Technological Marvels From the Animal Kingdom
WWN – August 18, 2008,
By Michaela Trebor

LONDON, England–Birds inspired the airplane and rabbits’ ears helped designers improve TV reception. Now, a new study from biologist Carl Navrin reveals a host of little-known animal species responsible for the best ideas of other human inventors…
Navrin has also studied the mating habits of a scaly, silver pufferfish able to rotate, capture sunlight, and spread it around the dark sea-bottom in search of females.
“The sparkly puffers were often stuffed and hung in German nightclubs during the 1920s, until a cheaper glass version of the fish, called the Mirrorball, or Discoball, became available.”….

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9 thoughts on “Fugu blowfish disco ball”

  1. People love this toxic fish…and we’re eating too much of it
    CNBC.com | Nov 23, 2014
    The star of a Japanese dish called fugu is a puffer fish that produces toxins so deadly that it can kill if prepared improperly. Yet the delicacy is so popular that overfishing may be pushing one species of puffer to the brink of extinction, according to a report by an environmental group.
    The Chinese puffer, Takifugu chinensis, is one of the top four puffer species used in the dish in Japan, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
    Like most types of puffer, it ingests toxin-producing bacteria that it uses as a defense against predators in the wild. The fish stores these toxins in organs such as the liver—one fish can contain enough toxin to kill up to 30 people.
    The IUCN is not connected to a government and doesn’t have any regulatory power, but maintains the list as a resource to inform people about species it believes are under siege.

  2. Makes me think of the dried puffers hanging at TraderVics at the New Otani (while sipping an ¥1800 Fog Cutter on someone’s expense account)

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