Sakura Theremin — Cherry Blossom Retro-electronica

Japanese sakura cherry blossoms are falling now but check out …
SAKARA Thremin – Yoko Onishi
Yoko Onishi in kimono last April 21 haunting playing Japan’s unofficial anthem, “Sakura” on the retro-electronica Theremin, the earliest fully electronic musical instrument from Russia 1919, at Senbon-Enmado temple (Injo-ji) in Kyoto Japan.

For more information and free MP3s of her playing “Sakura” see:

UPDATE: Also check out the latest Sakura Theremin at Via

Sakura Theremin
Tokyo Spring Music Video

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  1. Check out the latest Sakura Theremin!

    Sakura Theremin
    Tokyo Spring Music Video
    Spring is joyfully celebrated in this very upbeat music video which features some very talented and very interesting Tokyo-based musicians playing in public during the beautiful Japan Spring season. Filmed and edited by Rob Pongi. Used by permission and all rights reserved. Copyright (2007) by Rob Pongi.

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