Japanese Pastafarain burgers and hot ramen in a drink can

Previously I have reported on the Japanese crime-against-humanity, the ‘Sweet, Hot, with Cheese!(tm)’ An-Burger. This horror is made with sweet red bean paste on a bed of mayonnaise and topped with a slice of cheese as described in the 3Yen report: Where’s the beef?.

Then, I thought that I had found a new Japanese low in “foreign” food in: BIOHAZARD burger or rancid Whale burgers.

Oh, was I naive to think that mere whale, bean-poop, or biohazard burgers could be benchmark in Japanese food terrorism.

Over on food.3Yen.com, ‘The Expedited Writer’, has found the new grand champion of gross Japanese food, pure Pastafarian Mayonnaise Noodle Burgers!
Kan-Nana Noodle Burger PUKE!

Japanese Food – Kan-Nana Noodle Burger
…It looks like a hamburger but instead of a meat patties, you’ll find roasted pork and noodles that have been fried together into a patty so they hold together in the burger bun.…more

Kan-Nana Noodle Burger

Ohhhh. But wait, there’s more!

I found hot Japanese ramen noodles being sold in drink cans in vending machines.
hot Japanese ramen noodles being sold in drink cans

Canned Ramen?
MSN-Mainichi News, May 14, 2007
The canned ramen can be preserved for up to three years…..


All hail and slurp His Noodly Appendages! “RAmen.”
Japanese Pastafarain

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3 thoughts on “Japanese Pastafarain burgers and hot ramen in a drink can”

  1. …but why pay when you can find any number of those “burgers” for free on the sidewalks of Roppongi (or any JR train platform) after a certain hour.

  2. Hee, hee, hee, Spock is dampdreaming of a tako-chan of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…

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