Borat turning Japanesey and Moai-Tiki gods concur

Over the past couple days I’ve been seeing these weird photos of a Borat mustache promotion on the streets of Tokyo—such as the one below with the sacred “Moai” head of Shibuya—without any context or explanation.
Borat mustache photo competition in Japan
Finally, I found the rest-of-the-story…

Mari – diary: May 25, 2007
I heard about the Borat ….finally the film comes to Japan… The campaign is a little bit strange. They have a mustache discount to see the movie (fake is okay). This is the special site mustache photo competition. This weekend, he will go to a maid cafe in Akihabara. Hmm…

Borat turning Japanesey going to maid cafe in Akihabara
Ah ha!
Now I understand.
And, here’s a photo of Borat turning Japanesey while going to maid cafe in “Akiba” which is the current slang for Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric [Otaku] Town (秋葉原電気[オタク]街).

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