High time to take a pee

sapporo JF Tower urinal

You have to love the Japanese for offering a view like the one on the photo above of the 38th floor urinal on top of the JR Tower in Sapporo (Hokkaido Japan). It would have been the greatest view from a urinal in Japan except for Osaka’s “Cosmotower.” My friend, T-san who says the view from toilet is wonderful from the observatory on the 55th floor as you see in his photo below.
cosmotower osaka japan urinal

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4 thoughts on “High time to take a pee”

  1. For similar views, I recommend the 38th floor toilets of the Mandarin Oriental in Nihombashi, Tokyo.

  2. Ohhhh no. You haven’t been pissing in the Mandarin’s sinks again, have you?

    Mandarin Oriental in Nihombashi

    urinal sink
    Top floor restrooms of the Mandarin Oriental in Nihombashi.

  3. Come to Japan & see our toilets!


    PUNKSPRING2015 “reverse outdoor toilet”

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