Japanese EAT, SLEEP, SEX forever underwear

EAT, SLEEP, SEX underwearToday in the always charming Mari diary, she mentions that in the hyper-trendy Harajuku district of Tokyo, a new men’s underwear shop named “Luscious” has begun business selling some rather weird items.
I looooove their blaze orange shorts that read:
Japanese EAT, SLEEP, SEX forever underwear

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3 thoughts on “Japanese EAT, SLEEP, SEX forever underwear”

  1. i went in that store to buy jimi hendrix silk panties for a male friend and thought they were 800 yen. i misread, as there was an extra zero. no man is worth an 8000 yen pair of underpanties. cool store, though.

  2. jimi hendrix silk panties…

    Hmm. Were those ‘ Are you Experienced’ panties with “purple haze” fittingly emblazoned across the rear just where you might expect “haze” to be emanating from? :-)

    The real-world price is only $11.99.

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