Manga wino boom in Japan and beyond

Kami no Shizuku - The Drops of God manga comic

Yahoo! – Reuters – Sun Jun 3, 7:40 PM ET
The aroma is like a rock concert, with notes of butterflies dancing over a pond and an aftertaste of Jesus Christ and his disciples.” Wine reviews with a twist are a speciality of ‘Kami no Shizuku’ (‘The Drops of God’), a manga comic series that has taken Japan by storm, is conquering Korea and China and has boosted European wine sales along the way….

drunk Japanese girlfriends drinking wineThis 10-volume series of manga comics has created a wine boom that’s very noticible here in Tokyo by the numbers of tipsy young women in upscale cafes getting wasted on overpriced plonk.

The story of ‘The Drops of God’ strikes me as damn odd — It’s an endless plot is a taste-off between two connoisseurs for the estate of a mysterious wine critic worth two billion yen (about 1.7 million dollars). Kami no Shizuku has been ruunning for three years. and now you can view it serialised as a weekly online manga by Kodansha.

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