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Just in case the Japanese octopus-dumpling soda I reported on a few weeks ago was not refreshing enough for you, and you have had your fill of ‘’ black vinegar drink in a soda can (3Yen, 2004-Dec-05)

Here’s a great new offering from Suntory:
Pepsi Ice Cucumber soda!
Ice Cucumber soda will be available in all the stores in Japan next week. However, here’s the 3Yen’s exclusive sneak peek!
Pepsi Ice Cucumber
Pepsi Ice Cucumber label
The wacky engrish machine translation of the press release from Suntory/Pepsi reads:
“Pepsi Ice Cucumber(tm) is a cola of fresh taste balanced with an exquisite stimulus of the carbonic acid with a cucumber flavor… a cola which is dimly fragrant, emerald green with a rush of coolness.”

The soda will cost 140 yen for 500ml ($1.15USD / 17 fl oz) in a plastic PET bottle and sales will start on Tuesday, June 12. Also you can visit he official Pepsi (Suntory) Japanese website for ペプシアイスキューカンバー (Pepsi Ice Cucumber) .

As our reader, “Mr. Gack,” offered as solace at the thought of drinking such soda:
“I dare you to listen to the soundtrack that goes with drinking that soda. Ok, I double dare you to check out it out: it’s just short MP3, Gagged Gizzard Goo by Otto Von Schirach.
Pocari Sweat Powder
Better yet…Try drinking some Japan’s finest: Pocari Sweat Powder.Pocari Sweat box
Pocari Sweat is famous all over the world because it has an odd name that makes you think you’re drinking someone’s sweat. The most popular sports drink in Japan now available to via our sponsor J-List.

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