Drink down a cool can of ‘Mucos’?

Here on the 3Yen I just looove covering cheerful Japanese drink scene such as my recent reports on cucumber cola and octopus-dumpling soda.
However, how could I missed the Japanese drink “Mucos” below after all these years here!?

Quite Interesting: Summer drinks
The Daily Telegraph – 12:01am BST 16/06/2007
….Fizzy pop…
Two of the best-selling soft drinks in Japan are called Pocari Sweat and Mucos….

I’ve never heard of “Mucos” soda in Japan. A quick search of engrish.com reveals all sorts of great Japanese drinks names like Bull and B.J. coffee and I’ve reported on DEPRESSO(tm), the sad coffee of Japan but there’s no “Mucos” to be found.

Never fear—There’s no shortage of other fun-filled Japanese drink names, such as world-renowned tradenames like Calpis and Pocari Sweat that you can check at our sponsor J-List.com.
calpis toy at J-List.com
pocari sweat  at J-List.comBuy at J-List.

As far as I know, “Mucos” is mainly the name of a German pharmacological group, MUCOS Pharma GmbH.
MUCOS Pharma GmbH

Finally, don’t miss my previous 3Yen reports of wild Japanese drinks such as:
F*ck-u-cup(tm), only in Japan
“su.no.mo” vinegar drink in a soda can

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2 thoughts on “Drink down a cool can of ‘Mucos’?”

  1. Some wags on the Internet are saying that “Mucos” is a Philippine drink named after Ferdinand Marcos, ri-i-i-ight.
    However, I think the Japanese “Mucos” drink is just an urban legend.

    I like this drink sold in Japan,
    [デルヒムコス], ha, ha.

  2. UPDATE: It seems that the source of this urban legend of a Japanese “Mucos” drink comes from the very dated and poorly researched book “Forgotten Fads and Fabulous Flops” published as humor by “Rhino Presents” in 1995.

    Amazon.com’s blurb….Not to be missed is the section on product names that didn’t translate well, such as Asian beverages Pipi and

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