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‘Rocobo’ – a moody person’s robot pet

Rocobo robot pet

“Rocobo” — a new pet robot from Tomy Corporation will be invading your desktop soon.

As described in Amazon Japan it will go on sale next August for 1,344yen ($10.86 USD). Advertised as “the moody person’s robot,” the Rocobo reacts to how you treat it—It will shake its body, and flap its arms if you yell at it. Conversely, the Rocobo will glad if you stroke or treat it nicely and will sing a song to you, tell your fortune, smile on its LCD screen or flap its ears.
Annoyingly cute, heh?

Rocobo robot pet

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6 Responses to “‘Rocobo’ – a moody person’s robot pet”

  1. Taro quoting Gizmodo, the gadget guide Says:

    Cool! My product story was picked up in this report on today: “Rocobo” Will Love You Even If You Hate It

  2. lisa Says:

    those are great! and a bargain. i must have one.

  3. Taro Says:

    lisa Says:
    those are great! and a bargain. i must have one.

    Can I take it that you already talk to your computer a lot and you want something more responsive, ha, ha?

  4. lisa Says:

    you are correct, taro! it might just be the missing piece i need

  5. Therion Says:

    can I get it ? its just soooo cute!! howmuch it is in malaysian ringgit??

  6. Taro Says:

    In theory, you can order a Rocobo via Amazon Japan or a through one of many Japanese “proxy” ordering services (but there’s no guarantee they are honest) . The Rocobo only costs costs about 38 ringgit.

    Read this “Guide to Ordering from Amazon Japan” or check out this guide.

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