Distress call from Princess Leia on a Japanese cellphone

stereoscopic vision display

In Japan, 3D images in your pocket
physorg.com, 07:46 EST, August 21, 2007
Japan’s Hitachi, Ltd. has developed a lightweight 3D display that can potentially be adapted for mobile devices such as telephones…using what is known as stereoscopic vision display, weighs only one kilogram (2.2 pounds) and resembles an upside-down, multiangular pyramid full of mirrors on top of a liquid crystal displaymore...

Nobody but a couple of stupid droids will want to listen to the distress call from Princess Leia any longer when they can watch her in 3-D on their keitai cellphone ….NOT generated in thin air by the robot R2D2 .
Yikes, the Rebel Alliance is doomed!

distress call from Princess Leia

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