Big Buddha Bounce

Big Buddha Bounce

Air Daibutsu
the Great Buddha who swells with the air is near the entrance of Man-yo-no-Sato (Village of a 10,000 Leaves) in Wakuya-cho, Miyagi…..

Gee, this is just what every temple needs to liven things up—Big Buddha Bounce-–inflatable bouncing attraction for kids and the entire family. air daibutsu The Japanese website describes how, ” The inside has plenty of space were worshipers can bound and play” and the five meter (16.4 ft) tall is lit up inside at night so it can be seen from the nearby “national highway shining silver for all who drive past.”

Just for equal-time, let me introduce you to:
Your own. Inflatable. Jesus.

Inflatable  Jesus attraction
From the Canadian Codex Blogspot, the Inflatable Jesus, “almost looks as if kids could use Jesus’ lap as a trampoline — lap dance anyone?”
And, not to outdone by Canadians, the Church of England is offering an inflatable inflatable cathedral comprised of, “a gray plastic building with a blow-up organ, pulpit, altar, Gothic arches and fake stained glass windows.” The wags at the TEMPLVM LVCIFERI blog amusingly extrapolated, “just one more thought about an inflatable catholic church – It’ll be filled with a few hundred people… and they use lit candles and incense in every single ceremony….
balloon Jesus at inflatable church
Balloon Jesus welcomes you to the Inflatable Church.
TEMPLVM LVCIFERI - burning inflatable catholic church

Thanks for the final fire photo thanks to TEMPLVM LVCIFERI.

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  1. Hey, speaking of bouncing…Beware of the big bouncy ones.
    Check out these six sexy and cute Japanese “gravure idols: in bikinis who are caught in a cute game with a Daruma doll they found in the studio.
    See them bounce, sway, shake…and witness what happens!

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