Tokyo’s new ‘Maid Taxi’ for otaku pervs

Photo taken my Japanese maidI’m heading to Tokyo’s Narita Airport tomorrow and I was looking today for a large-ish taxi (in Japanese-engrish “Wagon Car”) that would accommodate my broken leg and crutches. Instead I ran across the “Maid Taxi” for pervert otaku who want to pretend to be handicapped and be taken care hand-and-foot by sexy Japanese “maids” who will “service their every need.” Gee, come to think of it, that sounds fun with prices “starting” at 1,200yen ($10 min.).

For the Master, I will put the heart and will take care of.
Maid Taxi service website (funky machine translation)
If your leg is broken or sprained…..This is taxi service will take on a tour around the Tokyo while enjoying conversation and a game with the Maid…You will be the No.1 Master for the young lady…Please enjoy yourself…play games such as PS3, cards…If the Master is poor at conversation the young lady also entertain you with within the alloted time….

master's wheelchair maid
overview maids

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