Robo-goat for Tokyo losers

Robot goat eats gambler's  losing tickets

Robot goat feeds on gambler misfortune Nov 2, 2007…Unlucky gamblers at the Edogawa Kyotei boat race course in Tokyo have a new way to ease their frustrations after botching a bet — they can feed their losing tickets to a robotic goatmore

I spent 15 years sharing my commute with motorboat gamblers since my train route past by this Tokyo boat race course. As a whole are scruffy, drunk, elderly lot and prone to littering on the trains and I can imagine the mess at the track.

This robot Rocky Mountain Goat [ヤギロボット] is life like about 1.6 m in length with a “reproduced” pure white coat. All the demoralized gambler has to do is place the losing boat ticket into the robo-goat’s mouth, a sensor is tripped, and chomp, chomp, chomp, race course beautification!

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