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City parks make great dumps in Japan

Let’s start with a picture of Godzilla dead-tire Park just south of my house in Kamata, Tokyo.

Kamata dump park

Notice the homeless guy passed out and seemly dead in this this cheery “playground.” I’m always amazed by the love Japanese show towards their rare urban park spaces as evidenced by this report today (sheesh).

Hospital workers abandon blind patient at park after ex-wife refuses to take him in
MDN-Mainichi, 2007 Nov 14; SASKAI – Four hospital workers abandoned a blind patient with diabetes at an Osaka park in September after his former wife refused to take him in, hospital and local government officials said. Officials at Shinkanaoka Toyokawa Sogo Hospital in Kita-ku, Sakai, admitted to the allegations, but denied that the hospital was involved in the incident as an entity. “We don’t know why they abandoned the patient. Nobody gave them instructions to do that” more

For more information about the land of rubber Godzillas, see Taiya-Koen (Tire Park).

tire park godzilla tire parkタイヤ公園

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2 Responses to “City parks make great dumps in Japan”

  1. Gavin Says:

    A better park…
    I don’t particularly enjoy having a penis this size. It’s a pain in the pussy~STREET CARNAGE by Gavin • 06.10.14

  2. Tokyo Scum Brigade Says:


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