Japan perfects notebook computer design and creates the ideal interface!

Hello Kitty Notebook computer interface
Just in time to make it into Santa’s toy bag, our sponsor J-List is offering this darling little laptop for the young at heart.
Hello Kitty perfects notebook computer design and interfaces with interactive sound effects and visuals to hold the attention span of the most demanding child or Hello Kitty addled otaku.

This Hello Kitty Play Laptop Computer is the cutest introduction to the Matrix you will ever see—Get started early, and the young owners of this notebook will be programming circles around their peers in no time. This toy has a fun clickable mouse, and buttons that have sound functions (some are for canceling others). It even folds closed like a real laptop. Measures 6.5 x 5 inches (165 x 125 mm). Kawaii!!
Buy your Hello Kitty Play Laptop Computer at J-List‘you’ve got a friend in Japan.’
Hello Kitty toy laptop has clickable mouse and buttons

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4 thoughts on “Japan perfects notebook computer design and creates the ideal interface!”

  1. Admit it Taro. You want a pink computer with 12-button interface and no possibility of making any typing mistakes, tee, hee.(^O^)/

  2. While we’re on the topic of “Japan perfects notebook computer design and creates the ideal interface” …

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  3. Oh this is weird…….Spambots appear to be spamming for me ONCE AGAIN. I had this once years ago happening to Miss Yuumi….but surprised I am to see a reprisal and such an indirect one at that!

    Although this particular bot does have uhmm…….creativity down rather well.

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