Will they call it ‘YahBay!’ or ‘e-hoo’ ?

Good news for all you Japanophile Packrats!
Obtaining Japanese collectables should become a hell of a lot easier. (or maybe not–see UPDATE below).
Yahoo Japan and eBay will allow buying from each other’s service starting April.Yabay logo of Yahoo Japan Corp and eBay Inc USA

Yahoo Japan, eBay to tie up in Internet auction business
JapanToday, Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at 16:41 EST TOKYO —Yahoo Japan Corp and eBay Inc of the United States said Tuesday they will offer joint Internet auction services by allowing members of the two firms to easily bid on items listed on both sites…By the end of March, Yahoo Japan’s own site will allow its users to browse items shown on eBay…..Yahoo Japan will also allow items it exhibits to be shown on eBay’s U.S. site and allow U.S. consumers to bid for these itemsmore

UPDATE: Reuters is now reporting that “YaBay!” will be charging a hefty 15% commission on these new international orders…Never mind, nothing here, move along, meh.

EBay, Yahoo Japan to link up auction services
Reuters via Earthtimes.org, December 4, 2007
EBay, the world’s biggest online auctioneer, and Yahoo Japan, owner of the country’s biggest auction Web site, are betting that more shoppers will hunt online for overseas bargains, once language barriers and cumbersome shipment and payment arrangements are cleared. But such hopes may be misplaced, according to Masato Araki, an analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities.
“When you take into consideration shipping and transaction fees, participation may be limited,” he said. “For Yahoo Japan, the move is unlikely to have a large impact on earnings.”
….The companies launched the site, called Sekaimon or “Gateway to the world” on Tuesday… plans to charge 15 percent in fees on each transactionmore

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